Quiz: Building Codes, Affordable Housing and Thermal Comfort

1. Which land use is expected to have the highest energy consumption in 2030?
2. What are the types of building energy codes?
3. How is Residential Envelope Transmittance Value (RETV) measured?
4. What is the “minimum WFRop %” of Hot-Dry Climate Zone?
5. What is openable window-to-floor ration?
6. What are the requirements for building envelope under mandatory section as mentioned in Chapter-4 of ENS Part-1?
7. What is the maximum ENS score for Thermal Transmittance of roof (U roof) ?
8. What is the minimum ENS score required for Affordable Housing?
9. In Affordable housing, what is the carpet area for a Low-Income Group Category?
10. What is the maximum RETV for building envelope (except roof)