About Us

The Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) was established at Hyderabad in the year 1956 at the initiative of the Government of India and Indian Industry. ASCI has pioneered post-experience management training in India. With its synergistic blend of Management Development, Consultancy and Research, ASCI has made a significant contribution towards professionalizing Indian management.
ASCI has an interdisciplinary team of 50 highly qualified practicing experts in various functional and sectorial areas such as Public Policy, Urban Governance, Energy, Environment, Public Management, Finance, Strategic Management, Capacity Building, ICT, and others. They bring with them a unique combination of field research expertise, practical implementation expertise and skills for dissemination of reform management approaches.
ASCI has a full contingent of administrative support staff that provide various general and administrative services efficiently. The Administrative Staff College of India provides consultancy services, research and training to industry, business and government in general management as well as functional and sectorial areas of management over the last decade.
The objective of ASCI Consultancy is to provide professional services for improving management practices in the organizations leading to improve economic performance and long-term effectiveness. The ASCI Consultancy Team comprises Faculty Members representing different functional and sectorial areas of management and uses a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.
Some of the areas of management in which consulting assistance has been provided by ASCI include strategic planning, organizational restructuring, human resources management and development, Organization culture building, project management, financial restructuring, Organization and management, forest management, energy management and business process re-engineering.

Centre for Energy Studies (CES)

ASCI’s Centre for Energy Studies (CES) operates in Energy sector and provides Research & customized Consulting Services, and Training Programs for leaders of Energy Sector. It supports companies, institutions, government bodies in their decision-making processes, providing innovative solutions across the entire spectrum.
Our high standing, expertise and independence, built up through a long experience in energy markets, are widely recognized today by several governments, institutions and corporations. Centre for Energy Studies (CES) practice has championed several key reforms and restructuring works and contributed to the development of the sector through policy advocacy, capacity building initiatives and consulting assignments especially in electricity reforms, energy efficiency, renewable energy Development, clean mobility, climate change and provide innovative solutions to the critical issues in these areas.
In past two decades, the Centre for Energy Studies (CES) provided support to various governments and institutions in India and abroad on reforms and restructuring, tariff analysis and regulations, developing power markets, Electricity Distribution Management, Rural Electrification, Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation etc. It has worked for Power systems planning, Distribution Management, Corporate Planning of power sector companies, environmental issues in power sector, benchmarking of distribution capital costs, benchmarking of capital costs of NTPC etc.