Capacity Building – Energy Sector

For more than half a century, ASCI has been at the forefront of delivering quality training programmes adding new knowledge to the economy and also developed capacities across various sectors. ASCI is regarded as a pioneer mainly due to its expertise in serving as a College for Practicing Managers in terms of technical knowledge. Several national level policy initiatives in training programme domain have been successful due to ASCI’s contributions. In today’s world of field applications, ASCI derive strength from converting lessons learnt in the project assignments to offering in the classroom as a part of Management Development Programme (MDP).
The faculty brings newer insights and considerable proficiency to the fore, thereby ensuring that the training programmes are meaningful to the participants and of direct value to the organizations they represent. Since its inception, ASCI has trained over 2 Lakh participants at a current tally of 4500 executives per year, with 10% foreign nationals from various sectors of domestic and international economies representing government, corporate, public and private sectors with a varied participant profile.
All ASCI centers have been contributing to imparting training and capacity building immensely for national and internationally reputed clients. ASCI has developed capacity in several power sector entities including:

  • NTPC Ltd.
  • Power Grid
  • THDC Ltd.
  • Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC)
  • DVC (prior to thereforms)
  • AP Transco
  • Coal India Ltd.

Apart from the above, clients form other organizations such as BPCL, IOC, HPCL, SCCL, SERCs, CERC; regulatory professionals from the South Asian region enroll into our open announced programmes.

Training and Capacity Building Programs Conducted:

  • Management Development Programme for THDCIL Executives (2018)
  • General Management Program for senior Executives (2018)
  • Business Management for officers of Armed Forces (2017)
  • Program on Next Level Competency Training for officers of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (2016)
  • Advanced Management Programs for NTPC Limited (Sept, Oct, Nov 2014,2016)
  • Program on Curricula Development for DGE&T – Production, Manufacturing and Fabrication (2015)
  • Electricity Distribution Management (2014)
  • Renewable Energy: Economic Potential and Market Development for officers of NHPC Limited (2012-13)
  • Promoting Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation in GSFCL (2012-13)
  • Regulating Electricity Tariffs and Related issues for Executives of PFC Consulting Limited (2012- 13) Advanced Management Development Program for senior officers of PSPCL in2012-13
  • Core Course of SAFIR on Infrastructure Regulation and Reform
  • International Forum on Power Sector Regulation and Restructuring (1999)
  • Regulatory Accounting for SEBs and other Utilities (1999)
  • Energy Efficiency Promotional Policies (1999 at New Delhi and at Hyderabad)
  • Managing Change in State Electricity Boards (1999)
  • Consumer Advocacy (1999)
  • Captive Power and Industrial Co-generation (1999)
  • Power Sector Regulation and Restructuring (1995, 1997,1999)
  • Managing Transition to Private Power Distribution (1997,1999)
  • Managing Regulatory Systems (1998)
  • Tariff Analysis & Ratemaking in a Regulatory Regime (1998,1999)
  • Competitive Bidding for Private Sector Power Projects (1997)
  • Power Sector Restructuring and Regulation (1997)
  • Fuel Supply, Pricing and Contracts (1997)
  • Power Purchase Agreement (1997)
  • Management of Grid Operation & Transmission Access (1997)
  • Integrated Resource Planning (1996)
  • Financial Analysis and Modeling of Private Power Projects (1995)
  • Project Finance for Private Power Projects (1995)
  • Security Package Agreement (1995)
  • Tariff Structure and Analysis
  • Bid Solicitation, Project Appraisal and Negotiation